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Mon Aug 28 19:22:51 MDT 1995

Of course ... Lisa is correct.  The demand for particular veggies by the
working class didn't just happen (as neoclassical economists tell us in
the theory of consumer sovereignty) ... they were *created*. Veggie
producers, like firms in most branches of production under advanced
capitalism, use advertising and marketing to create a demand for a
particular veggie. I would go so far as to say that it is impossible for
us to say why we like particular veggies if we abstract from the social
context of veggie production. More generally, it is very hard for us to
say rationally that our choices about what products we want and need
aren't influenced by capitalists and their advertising.

How did particular veggies become trendy? Why do certain segments of the
working class eat certain veggies and not others. It's not only a
question of income (as Lisa points out)  and taste (as Jon pointed out),
but how our desires and choices  are manipulated by capitalists (and, to
a lesser extent, by small agricultural producers).


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