Black feminism

Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Mon Aug 28 21:52:37 MDT 1995

Thanks for you clarifications, Kenny.  Now I wonder what the
controversy was about.  I don't see anything so astoundingly
different here from what I already knew that it would shake
Marxism to its foundations.  One wonders what huge claims are
being made for the revolution in thought based on the recognition
of black female identity.  But no matter.

Perhaps we should debate about George Clinton instead.

>If "ass", in the Marx line, is read as the more well-known
>"chains" (as in when the chains are unbound the workers'
>creativity will be unleashed) I believe you will see what I was
>getting at.

So I had supposed.  P-ing determines consciousness.  Yet I am more
likely to associate Clinton with ass and Marx with mind than vice
versa, and it seems that each made his major contribution to these
respective departments.

>that you would question someone else's joke after your recent
>claims about your own sense of humor.

I didn't object to the joke, it's not bad.  I'm just examining the
underlying logic.  And while Clinton's aphorism is quite catchy,
I'd like to know what worthwhile he has to say about freeing the
mind.  I attended a meeting of Clinton cultists a few weeks ago
and I did not detect much intellect in motion.  But then I'm not a
follower by nature.

>As for Clinton's actual position, there is an obvious sense in
>which he can be called a hustler, and an equally obvious sense
>in which the name would be absurd.

The second sense is not equally obvious to me.

>The materialist dialectics of funk necessarily favors non-market
>driven, humanistic pleasure.

Seems to me it was market driven from the gitgo.  Perhaps it would
be more useful to talk about the dialectics and contradictions of
the ghetto mentality.  And why whites are so taken (in) by it.

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