Marxism and the Militias

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always read that the SA and Freikorps
openly argued for a radically reconstituted (and strong) central state.

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On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Matt D. wrote:

>  TimW333521 at wrote:
> >>It is important to realize that fascism will arise in America in a different
> >>manner than it did in Europe.  It is now very clear that fascism will be
> >>built upon anti-government individualism and super-patriotism, as well as
> >>anti-Semitism and racism.  We find all these elements among the Militias,
> >>combined with arms and at least some determination to use them.
> Doug Henwood asked:
> >How can you have an anti-government fascism?
> Well, this is sort of contra Tim and Doug, but how about the Freikorps and
> SA in Weimar?  They were "anti-government" in ideology, but in fact were the
> advance forces of the fascist state.  Naturally, they were discarded by
> fascism once it achieved state power.
> >Just curious. In what ways is the world a better place now than during the
> >days of the Cold War?
> I must confess a bit of CW sentimentality myself.  On the other hand, I
> don't really worry now about nuclear war, something that used to be a great
> concern of mine -- and was a big part of my coming to the left.  Of course,
> the extent of my anxiety then, and/or my lack of it now, may well be naive
> (would that that were the least of my faults!).
> -- Matt D.
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