Marxism and the Militias

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Aug 29 09:33:39 MDT 1995

At 5:04 PM 8/28/95, Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

>        So do we follow Cockburn and try to talk with these armed
>forces?  Do we form left ones, or watch for them to emerge?

According to Chip Berlet, there are about 40,000 folks in militias and
about 5 million who sympathize with the broader, but largely unorganized,
"Patriot" movement. I think the latter are probably more fruitful folks to
talk with. For one, they're probably less fixed in their views than the
folks in uniform. And for two, call me a wuss, but I always find it easier
to talk with someone who isn't sporting camo and an AK-47.



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