"Whither Marxism"

glevy at acnet.pratt.edu glevy at acnet.pratt.edu
Tue Aug 29 11:44:56 MDT 1995

 Jim Jaszewski wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Chris Burford wrote:
> > In particular I think a disussion on China is important. Even if there
> > is only 10% of socialism left in Chinese official thinking, that could
> > have big consequences for the 21st century.
> 	I'm glad you brought it up, as I was soon going to (again...) The
> silence, from the most garrulous corners in this list, on that subject, is
> most mystifying...
I don't know what to make out of the above excerpt from Chris B.'s post.
It needs more elaboration before we can comment further.


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