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On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Walter Daum wrote:

> The Communist Organization for the Fourth International aims to
> resurrect the theory and practice of revolutionary Marxism and
> thereby to organize and educate the vanguard layers of the
> working class for the re-creation of the Fourth International,
> the world party of proletarian socialist revolution.

since 1938, has around 50 sections worldwide, publishes International
Viewpoint, Inprekkorr, contributes to Links, etc. etc.  In your country
FI comrades work within Solidarity and Bulletin In Defense of
Marxism.  Strange that you'd want to "re-create" something that already
exists, far outnumbers you, and is generally composed of people who seem
to me to be about 20 times more intelligent, open-minded, and rooted in
actual activity of the working class and oppressed than yourself and your
puney organization.

While we (the FI) have our problems, at least we're not you.

And here's the key to all this lunacy:

> We reject long-term entries into Social-Democratic, Labor or
> Stalinist parties, and long-term united fronts. Both tactics
> rendered into strategies become blockades to the formation of the
> vanguard party.

The rejection of long-term united fronts is, for me, the indication of
your _total_disconnection_from_reality_, your sectarian orientation, and
your ultimate uselessness as activists.  The gist of what you just said
is: "we refuse to work with anyone but ourselves.  we commune only with
the washed.  anybody who touches the unwashed must be an obstacle to the
formationof the vanguard party and must be `re-newed' [code word for
sectarian attacks, aggressive organizational maneuvers, etc.]

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