Marxism and the Militias

Matt D. afn02065 at
Tue Aug 29 16:09:56 MDT 1995

I wrote:

>> I disagree that the consciousness of everyone who might be in a militia is
>>fascist, incipiently or otherwise.

And Rakesh repsponded (minus my deletions):

>And I disagree back

Yes, it seems we disagree! :)  I wonder if anyone has any actual
demographics/ surveys/ whatever on the 40,000+ militia members in the U.S.
that could help resolve this issue.

>By the way, what a concession to admit that conscious
>racists may have something to do with the Militia!

I guess you are joking, right?  I mean weren't there some folks from WAR or
Aryan Nations involved with setting up Militia of Montana?  Maybe somebody
can offer more specific info.  In any event, I'm not sure what makes this a
concession, since I've already "conceded" (?) that the militias are an
expression of nascent fascism and need to be destroyed.

>Nobody answered my question: do people think Reed is a paranoid politically
>intellectual? Or maybe he is onto something...

Who is Reed?  Why should I care whether he is paranoid or not?  What do you
mean when you use the term "politically correct"?

>Well, we should be very skeptical of gun control.

Right.  But how do you square this with your desire to use the state to
repress the militias?

>Of course we should not allow the Anti-Terrorism Act to be used against
>revolutionary forces.  I am not for the anarchist rejection of the Law.

And I am not for putting our revolutionary eggs in reaction's basket.  What
do you mean "allow"?  Do you suppose the FBI is going to ask your permission?

>We should fight for it to be used against lynch mobs, no matter how
>tremendously popular they are

Why not just fight the lynch mobs?  As for fascist elements in the militias,
why not engage them with a program of No Platforms for Fascists the likes of
which was being discussed here recently in regards to Australia and Great
Britain, and which I believe is also currently being implemented in Ohio, or
at least Columbus (and Dayton?).  I don't see what's gained by running to
the cops (FBI, ATF, etc.).

>But to call an incipiently fascist movement popular in the sense that we
>should respect it as an expression of the people just shows to me how far
>the Left is from revolutionary proletarian class consciousness.
>Now that the proletariat is not living up to our  revolutionary fantasies,
are we
>going  to call for tolerance for and have hope in anything that moves--even
>if it is in brownshirt.  Do we think that if we fight for tolerance of
>popular incipiently fascist movements that the government is then going to
>turn around and give it to us?

I am afraid you are putting words in my mouth here.  I am certainly not
putting forward a "defend the militias" line.  Please provide the quote that
gave you this impression, so that I might clarify it.  I have neither
tolerance for nor hope in the militias.  I also don't indulge revolutionary
"fantasies" (at least until after a few drinks!) nor have I lost hope in
myself or other workers.

-- Matt D.

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