Marxism and the Militias: The Right the Far Right and the De

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Tue Aug 29 13:59:55 MDT 1995

Regarding the militias, we must remember that their *only* goal, as they
themselves will confirm, is to present an armed force to oppose (and
eventually overturn) a "tyrannical" and "anti-American" government. I
believe that the armed extreme right is a far more dangerous threat than
what others seem to think (as a Latino, I am fully aware of what will be
in store for me if they do succeed!!).  Personally I would strongly
support the tactical alliance between the government and the Left in
order to neutralize the militias. Those familiar with the Spanish Civil
War should recall that the united front presented by the Left in support
of the Republican government was well on its way of defeating the initial
fascist uprising during the summer of 1936. Only Hitler and Mussolini's
intervention prevented the collapse of the rebellion during the first few
weeks. On the same token, the Republican resistance began to unravel when
the Communist, Anarchists, Catalan nationalist, etc. began to quarrel
with the moderates in the Republican government and among themselves.

    We cannot open a dialog with people who embrace the militia's
ideology: you cannot reason with

someone who's driving force is not justice and equality, but  hate (hate
for minorities, for gays, for non-Christians, etc.. and for the
Government that, in their minds, is controlled by these groups!!)

Francisco J. Gonzalez

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