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Tue Aug 29 20:40:27 MDT 1995

 Guillermo Cruces wrote:

> Does anybody know a book from a russian author, Rubin, called
> "Marxist theory of value" or something similar? I think it
> was published in 1925/26, and I think the author was killed
> by Stalin.
> Does anybody think it's good/bad/great/obsolete/wrong?
The book is by I.I. Rubin _Essays on Marx's Theory of Value_ (Detroit,
Black & Red, 1972). VERY good -- check it out.

Also, check out _A History of Economic Thought_ (London, Ink Links, 1979)
by the same author.

Rubin became in 1926 a research associate of the Marx-Engels Institute.
>From the back cover of the HET book: "A moving account of his subsequent
arrest, imprisonment, trial, "confession", illness and exile can be found
in R.A. Medvedev's _Let History Judge_, pp. 132-136."


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