Marxism and the Militias and the Cold War

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Wed Aug 30 06:36:55 MDT 1995

> Just curious. In what ways is the world a better place now than during the
> days of the Cold War?

Intersting question.  I think that the answer lies in that the threat of
nuclear destruction has receded for a time.  Also anti-communism has lost
its capacity to unite the majority against marxists.  We have become an
absence and the previous alliances against us have begun to unravel.
Examples abound in Italy and Japan.  And interestingly here in Australia
the reaction to the French Nuclear tests mobilised previoulsy
conservative layers, beccause I believe they expected a dividend from the
ending of the codl war and because it was now safe to protest against the
actions of a western power.
And of course Nelson Mandela was realeased when the collapse of
communism had severely curtailed his options. though I'm not sure that
that's a point in favour or agaisnt the Cold War.

Anbd finally the monolith of Stalinism  at last collapsed and good
riddance to the murderous counter revolutionary filth.


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