Marxism and the Militias: The Right the Far Right and the

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On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

> We must take care to distinguish between the ideology of a group and its
> actual class position.  Many members of the militia are underclass but
> want to be middle class (of some sort); that desire can be used, and will
> be, I think...
> 	And the treachery of liberals is vital.  In my home of Ann Arbor,
> liberals still defend Bubba Clinton, although not without looking
> confused and sad.
Bryan, I think there is a problem here beween the notion of an
individual's class position and that of a group.  If you accept that a
group can have a class position then it doesn't matter what the class
origin of the member is.  I believe it is helpful to think here as Olin
Wright argued, to think of class in terms of trajectories.  Of course
sections of the working class might well end up in the fascist
organisations. Then their class origin is irrelevant.  What is important
is their direction and being part of a fascist movement inevitably means
they are headed into the middle class with all the contradicitions that
this entails.

But organised Labour is the target not the feeder source
of fascism.  The peasantry and the middle classes supplied Hitler with
his shcok troops.  That is most important to remember when mdille class
intellectuals criticise the conservativism of the working class and fail
to realise the difference between being conservative and being reactionary.>
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