Where is the revolution going to come?

kevin john geiger geigerk at ucsu.colorado.edu
Tue Aug 29 22:16:03 MDT 1995

Allin posted a great article on revolutionary movements.

I found his comments to be very insightful and I regret that he does not
post more often.  Allin brings up a great point that has not been
addressed with all our talk of who has the correct ideology for the
revolution.  But the point is well taken, "What chances are there of
revolution in our bourgeois industrial society?"

I keep thinking over and over that for anything to change it must occur in the
countries currently under the most severe repression of capitalism.  In
the USA (and I would suspect other industrial countries) we are satisfied with
swimming pool democracy and simple middle class ends. (Give me a nice home, a
few perks, ie swimming pools, and I will not complain about my situation!)

In this sense I see a similarity with environmental issues.  If anything
radical is to challenge capitalism it must come from the regions that are
seeing the destruction capitalism wages on the environment as well as
humanity.  I don't think anyone would argue that the environmental movement in
the US and other industrial countries has reached a level of debate about
somewhat petty concerns.  How are people going to get pissed off
enough to risk their lives if the issues aren't that serious?  Clearly,
there is no revolution among the middle class.

Where can we go comrades?  We must progress but I believe it will occur in
another arena, an arena most of our posters are not from, as we are part
of an educated, bourgeois society (including me).

I would love to hear from some people who are on the front line in the places
where capitalism is attempting to take firm control...not where we have been
appeased and relegated to mindless workers under the Goliath of capitalism.

The recent posts from Mexico have been great.  What about South-East
Asia?  That is a prime example of where capitalism has been introduced
recently and I would suspect there are major marxist movements in
existence there.  I want to hear from them and others who are, forgive
the insult left professors, really confronting the issues of class

There is change brewing but I think we are searching in the wrong spots.


(PS...I don't want to start the class and internet discussion again but
I do understand that the working class in the third world may not have
access to the internet...tis a shame.)

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