Marxism and the Militias

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Wed Aug 30 04:10:20 MDT 1995

Back to Matt D:

>Yes, it seems we disagree! :)  I wonder if anyone has any actual
>demographics/ surveys/ whatever on the 40,000+ militia members in the U.S.
>that could help resolve this issue.

"The growing ties between explicitly white supremacist groups and the
militias were documented by Southern Poverty Law Center in Atlanta.  The
report showed that the growth in milita groups in the Midwest and Norwest
especially was a consequence of a conscious organizing drive by white
supremacist, neo-Nazi and 'Christian Identity' grouping who have 'shapred
the militiai's ideology, recruitment and tactics.' It is no secret that
many of these militias have close connections with anti-abortion fanatics
and harbor a deep aversion to the very idea of a multiethnic society."

This may of course be a secret on the Marxist line.  I am quoting from News
and Letters, June 1995 p. 5.  Despite the Dunayevskites criticism of
Postone (!), I recommend this excellent paper to all.  It is only $2.50/yr
(!) and can be ordered at 59 East Van Buren Street, Room 707. Chicago, IL
60605. The editorials by Lou Turner, as well as the articles by Ron B and
Urzula W, are invariably excellent.  And that's only a small bit of the

The editorial continues: "It is remarkable then that some on the Left are
saying the militas should not be be rejected as ttotally reactionary since
they supposedly oppose an 'authoritarian government.' Some have even gone
so far as to say the Left should recongize the importance of organizing in
the Militia's milieu--as if people drawn to them are just misplaced souls
in search of proletarian revolution!"  Indeed.

>>Well, we should be very skeptical of gun control.
>Right.  But how do you square this with your desire to use the state to
>repress the militias?

The state has its guns; they should be used against lynch mobs.  We claim
the 2nd when the state seeks to disarm the people at large.  What is the
>Why not just fight the lynch mobs?  As for fascist elements in the militias,
>why not engage them with a program of No Platforms for Fascists the likes of
>which was being discussed here recently in regards to Australia and Great
>Britain, and which I believe is also currently being implemented in Ohio, or
>at least Columbus (and Dayton?).  I don't see what's gained by running to
>the cops (FBI, ATF, etc.).

Well, yes we should fight the lynch mobs.  At the same time, people who
have killed and terrorized should be prosecuted under the law.  We should
use the legal system.  Here's an example.  Someone leaked tapes from the
police in a town adjacent to here in Oakland.  The pigs talked about going
out to find a few to barbecue.  Some of us organized a protest
asking for the immediate firing and then investigation of these officers
for crimes. Some Black feminist sympathizers wanted the cops to go through
a better training program.  Well, they should have been fired at the very
least.  And they were.  I don't know what this proves, but might as well as
use whatever legal channels are there.  So if a lyncher is being
prosecuted, we should make sure his punishment is severe.   the people who
have been bombing abortion clinics also deserve to be punished. Some may
not care about state punishment  on the grounds that the authoritarian
state has no right to punish or that we are for peace and tolerance.   But
yes I am sure that you are right, ultimately we will have no choice but to
defend ourselves.

> I also don't indulge revolutionary
>"fantasies" (at least until after a few drinks!) nor have I lost hope in
>myself or other workers.

Well maybe one day we will have a few drinks.


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