Gold production and inflation

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Rakesh wrote:
> I wish Capital and Class would bring that archive section back.  How about
> for example Grossmann's essays on the value-price problem and gold
> production?
I agree very strongly with your desire to bring back the archive section
to C&C. There is still a great mass of literature on Marxist political
economy that has not been translated into English. For instance, did you
know about the debate in pre-WW1 German-Austrian Social Democracy on
goldproduction and inflation?

Sources follow:

Bauer, Otto _Die Teuerung. Eine Einhuhrung in die Wirtschaftspolitik der
Sozialdemokratie_, Wien, Verlag der Wiener Volksbuchhandlung Ignaz Brand
& Co., 1910

----------- "Goldproduktion und Teuerung" _Die Neue Zeit_ 30 Jg,
1911/1912, II Bd, pp. 4-14, 49-53, 246-247

J.v.G. "Goldproduktion und Preisbeweung", _Die Neue Zeit_, 30 Jg.,
1911/1912, I Bd, pp. 660-664

Kautsky, Karl "Gold, Papier, und Ware", _Die Neue Zeit_, Vol. 30/31, pp.
836-847; 886-893

Spectator "Zur Frage der Goldproduktion und Teuerung" _Die Neue Zeit_, 30
Jg, 1911/1912, II Bd, pp. 550-553

Varga, Eugen "Goldproduktion und Teuerung" _Die Neue Zeit_, 30 Jg,
1911/1912, I Bd, pp. 212-220

There is one other original source (which deals mostly with different issues
and is a popular work), which was translated into English:

Kautsky, Karl _The High Cost of Living_, Chicago, Charles H. Kerr &
Company, 1915. (out-of-print since, I believe, 1915!)

I wrote a paper on this debate in 1/82 for a seminar that I was taking
with Willi Semmler at the NSSR (45 pages). Lars Mjoset, another student
in the seminar, presented a 9 page paper which translated some relevant
sections from the sources listed above. Rakesh: are you interested in
getting copies? (a silly question, I know).


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