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I am very sorry hear about the passing of Ken Tarbuck.  In the late 1970s.  I
attended a Marxist school in Brighton where he was a major contributor.  Then
I corresponded with him about his experiences in 1950-1951 when he, a
supporter then of Tony Cliff, attended the national convention of The Club:
the Trotskyist organization working within the Labour Party which shortly
would be run by Gerry Healy.

He gave me a very hair-raising picture of the event: location of convention
changed at the last minute: knocking on doors and giving passwords to be
admitted; Healy working up delegates with claims of imminent police raids.
 All very interesting considering Healy's later evolution.

At the time I worked in the educational department of the SWP (U.S) and used
this material, as well as other fascinating stuff from Brian Behan, Peter
Fryer and others, and produced a juicey edicational bulletin.  Needless to
say the powers that be (Barnes) found it uninteresting and it never was

I still have a tape from Ken and listened to it recently.

To me I guess what Ken represents is the very sad fact that while Trotskyism
attracted some of the best intellectuals and activists out there, it also did
one hell of a job of dispersing them!  Utopian thought of the day: what a
hell of a movement we would have today if only we had all the people Healy
expelled  over thirty years in one effective organization!

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