To Scott M. and Louis P.-Forget the Cubs and/or Yanks

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at
Wed Aug 30 16:11:17 MDT 1995

	Just like a Yankee fan to invoke the unity of the working class
in a year when their team is so, so miserable... .  Unity with Yankee fans?
As Lenin said:  "Better fewer but better."
	And as I said to a Yankee fan at a recent game at Fenway: "Shut
the fuck up you fuckin' loser!" (or something intelligent like that).

				For the Public Ownership and Subsequent
				Plowing Under of Yankee Stadium,  	
								Jeff booth

On Wed, 30 Aug 1995 glevy at wrote:

> >
> > 	Good thing you didn't try shitting on the Red Sox!  It feels like
> > 1918 again... .  The curse of the Bambino is finally lifting so don't get
> > too excited about the Phillies or the Mariners (yuch! yuch!)... .
> > 	Who in his right mind could like the Yankees anyway?
> >
> I also am a Yankee fan. I understand Louis's disappointment. I understand
> Red Sox fans as well don't like losing, but, nonetheless I enjoy them
> losing (or better yet, "choking").
> One of the great social divisions in this country that is not talked about
> much is the sports division. Many millions of people hate millions of
> others based on their allegiance to sports teams. This is a very real
> division among working people (and others). It can even lead to death as
> some football matches in Europe and the death of a Columbian goalie have
> demonstrated. We *should* take no glee in these artificial divisions among
> working people. But, we *do* because we also are affected by the social
> institutions that encourage competitive sports.
> Jerry
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