Marxism and the Militias

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Wed Aug 30 17:43:17 MDT 1995

Matt D worries

> it seems to
>me we're kicking a lot of players off our team before we even give them a
>chance try out.

They have already decided to join the team known for its rather drab wear.
Who is kicking them off?  Anyways, we are left with millions to sign up
"for our team." With their attacks on abortion clinics and aversion to a
multiethnic society, the Militia is no and will never be a friend of the
revolutionary proletariat; nor should we ever think of how to formulate our
demands in such a way that we concede  ANYTHING to them. . They are worried
about a foreign takeover of the US; there is obviously no basis here for a
revolutionary fight against our our own ruling class, the one with which we
must settle things first.

Now if there is supposedly something to learn  from them in terms of
organization and tactics on how to challenge the US ruling class, then why
does Cockburn praise the Militia and then attack the Unabomber? They may
have been involved in the killing of hundreds of innocent people;yet
Cockburn trashes the Unabomber in an entire column and then tells us to be
inspired by the Militia.  Next time I want to read Cockburn, I think I'll
go look up some of the old New Masses and see what his father Claud wrote
about India.  Anyways, I will be able to see what I missed by William J

  I repeat: my position is one of encouraging class and all-around
socialist hatred toward the Militia, not of trying to understand why people
are attracted to it.

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