Marxism and the Militias

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Wed Aug 30 18:17:49 MDT 1995

That ideal fusion seems to be one possibility.  I don't think we're
watching a necessary sequence of events in the militia presence, as I've
said before.  What we have no is a question of strategy and the play of
forces.  A determined effort to keep the militias relatively inchoate
would forestall such an SA scenario.
	And why the hostility to the Waco problem?  Clearly the state at
least fucked up in a big way, and has lied about it since.  You don't
have to buy into the 700 Club's agitprop to oppose the ATF/Clinton/Reno

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On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Gonzalez, Francisco wrote:

> While I agree that the assorted militia/right-wing groups across the US
> have differences in their agendas and priorities, I also believe that
> they share enough basic *political-ideological* traits that would enable
> them to work in conjunction to achieve a common goal. This is the danger
> as I see it. Even if right now they are an unorganized rabble, they have
> the potential to gather around an individual, a party or an issue and
> become a formidable presence on the American political landscape (we've
> seen some of this already with the Waco situation: the militias, Patriots
> and others that despite their strong Fundamentalist Christian background,
> portray David Koresh (a self-declared  Messiah, and thus by definition an
> "heretic" ),as a hero,"victim" of ATF repression.
>     Going back to my original analogy with the Spanish Civil War, Gen.
> Franco also managed to fuse the many fascist/ultra
> conservative/monarchist groups into a single force against the Republic.
> The Falangists (fascists) had as many clashes with the "Carlistas"
> (ultra-conservatives) as with the Communists before the uprising; they
> also scorned the more moderate  Monarchists. All these ideological
> differences were ruthlessly eliminated by Franco (the same as when Hitler
> emasculated the SA when they became unmanageable).
>    We are not there yet, but if the current political climate in the US
> is an indication of what is in store for the future, I don't think that
> it would be too farfetched to say that it is possible for a populist
> leader (a White Collin Powell/Ross Perot type), to rise to power under a
> 3rd party, counting with the organized support of the extreme
> right/militias.
>    The Left can try to understand the root reasons for the rise of the
> militias, and offer an ideological alternative, but under the *current*
> political climate the prospects for success I believe are slim.
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