Marxism and the Militias

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Wed Aug 30 18:28:29 MDT 1995

Two major issues, here:
	1) the old question of secession.  The current US state clearly
fears secession - witness Waco, MOVE, etc.  I've long been an advocate of
strategic splintering for cultural-economic development and more complex
attacks on state capital.  Can the militias fit into this scheme?
	2) crucial difference between Gingrich and the militia folks,
which I've brought up before: the former (and the GOP ) (and of course
the Dems) support US imperial adventurism, the latter don't (so far).

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On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> At 10:15 AM 8/30/95, Louis N Proyect wrote:
> >If I had the time and financial support, I would spend a year out west
> >trying to develop a Marxist understanding of the militias. These are the
> >things I would focus on:
> >
> >1. Land use statistics.
> >
> >2. Employment statistics.
> >
> >3. Class composition of various militias.
> >
> >4. Funding of militias: grassroots or corporate?
> >
> >5. Relationship of militias to bourgeois politicians, etc.
> >
> >6. etc.
> Lou is absolutely right on this. No one really knows anything solid about
> these folks. Everyone you talk to has a different story. Everyone is also
> probably talking about a different population. The 40k guys in camo are
> different from the 5m Patriots, the however many Perot and Buchanan
> supporters, the tax nuts, the Bible nuts, and the various other kinds of
> loons that America produces in such splendid variety and number. There is a
> tremendous tendency to confuse all these brands of
> radical/unorthodox/populist/right/anarchist thought - to assume them all
> racists and anti-Semites, for example. Sure some are, but some aren't.
> What *are* the relations of various of these entities to the state?
> Gingrich ideology has a lot in common with Patriot ideology - up to a
> point, though, since Gingrich's tool is the central government the Patriots
> want to undermine. The orgazinational inmixings are scary. A few years ago
> it was revealed that some fantastically large number of the LA County
> Sheriff's office were members of white supremacist organizations. The
> Furhman tapes show a national audience just how pervasively wretched the
> LAPD is (though LA people say this is old news to them). The BATF and FBI
> are no doubt also infected. The NYC anarchist newspaper The Shadow argues
> that the "militias" are in fact tools of the state (in anti-statist
> disguise of course). I dunno. I doubt it. There's a serious tendency around
> the world to secede, to break apart large nations. Why not the US?
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