Paul's paper (and Athenian democracy)

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Wed Aug 30 19:47:50 MDT 1995

Alternative forms of civic organization to state power?  Alright, off the
	-Kroptkin's dis-integrated local communes
	-BOLO'BOLO's micrological communities
	-anarcho-syndicalism (see Anarchist Spain or Sorel)
	-the Deleuzian nomad machine
etc - etc - etc - etc
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On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> Jon
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> This is all a mixed bag of activities, affects, movements and energies.
> Some are easily co-opted in simple ways, some in more complex ways, some
> seem pretty much inherently reactive.  Perhaps none provides a
> blueprint.  But why look for a blueprint?
> Paul
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> The key question in any revolutionary movement is the question of
> state power. If one thinks that revolution is necessary, then
> one has to propose an alternative form of state power.
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