Follow-up to Marshall and Cockshott

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Thu Aug 31 07:49:36 MDT 1995


I have been intending to drop you a personal note.  I have to say our
politics appear to be quite similar.  If I am correct about you  you too
are opposed to "vanguard parties" and "democratic centraism".  I have
been thoroughly shafted with both.

I nearly wept tears at the trotskyists' manifesto stuff that bubbled out
onto cyber space.  Tears mainly for my lost and wasted youth.  Ah well.

Now I have been promising myself that I will take you on on the ethics
question.  I think I have you,  but you're a moving target.  However I
have been swamped with work.  My thesis is bogged down and my supervisor
(from hell) is baying for blood.  I am too old for all this shit.
However if I get a free moment I will do the reading and give you a

My attempts at united front work are a little stymied.  In spite of my
best intentions at last nite's meeting I flamed the greens.  It's always
the same with me.  I start off intending to be nice and calm and then
someone provokes me with some reformist bullshit.

Take care


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