Marxism and the Militias and the Cold War

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On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Allin Cottrell wrote:

> On Wed, 30 Aug 1995 g.maclennan at wrote:
> > > Just curious. In what ways is the world a better place now than during the
> > > days of the Cold War?
> >
> > [A]nti-communism has lost
> > its capacity to unite the majority against marxists.
> Pangloss lives!  If anti-communism has gone down the tubes it is
> because communism has done so too, for quite some time to come.
> And Marxism without communism is academic self-gratification
> (to put it politely).
> Allin Cottrell
> Department of Economics
> Wake Forest University
Allin I love it.  Pangloss!!!>
> But you are making a logical error here if I am correct. Becasue
anti-communism has vanished with the collapse of the soviet union does
not mean that communism has gone.  Forgive me but I hold to an old
liberterian marxist positon on the Soviet Union.  It was truly the dead
wieight in our baggage.

Think of Lethal Weapon 1 when the bad guys thought that the Mel Gibson
character was dead and he was able to pick them off.

Here in Brisbane (Jeezuss) we are beginning to make some gains in the
area of foreign policy and the protection of the rights of the East
Timorese because the Indoesian military-filth are no longer necessary as a
bulwark against communism.  The dialectic lives! --- >



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