Marxism and the Militias

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Thu Aug 31 09:53:03 MDT 1995

On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> Gary
> ----
> state.  I support the state when it controls their fascist thuggery.  But
> I have no illusions that the state wants to destory them.  Still , trust
> me, fascists controlled by whoever are easier to live with than fascists
> rampant.
> Paul
> ----
> This kind of liberal anti-popular anti-fascism is worse than useless.
> It gives credibility to fascism as a popular working class movement,
> and in practice offers no real resistance.
> It merely highlights the antagonism between the middle class left
> and the working class.

I feel a flame coming on.  Being called "Pangloss" by Allin gave me
a good laugh.  But "liberal"!!! them's fighting words.

My attitude towards Fascists is, to quote Trotsky, that they are "human
dust".  Where possible they should be smashed and smashed again.  I have
actually fought the filth physically here in Brisbane.  (They were old,
like, real old).

But now at 50 something, short-sighted and bad-backed
and beer-gutted I feel that the working class have more need of my lap
top skills than my fighting prowess.

So it may not always be possible to take the fascist out in the
prescribed manner. If there are "legal" avenues open they should be used.

And finally no amount of talk of workers in the militias will ever
convince me that Fascism is anything other than a movement of the petty bourgeoise, the
lympen proletariat and, where applicable, the peasantry.

The question is of course are the Militias fascist?  I agree with those
comrades who say that this can only answered through empirical research.
In the meantime I would love to have the same chance of winning the lotto
this weekend ($12m) as the Militias have of being fascist.



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