"Refuse & Resist" & Reflections on the list

Magnus Göransson magnus.goransson at iksmas.lu.se
Thu Aug 31 04:06:40 MDT 1995

Helping a friend of mine collecting information about the Mumia case for a
radical swedish magazine (Folket i Bild/Kulturfront), I ran into an
organisation/electronic journal called "Refuse & Resist"
(http://www.calyx.net/~refuse). What is this?

To save bandwidth, PLEASE post to my personally instead of to the list. I
will summarise and post to the list. My adress is:

magnus.goransson at iksmas.lu.se

Thanks in advance,

Magnus Goransson,


Just a note on the list from a long-time lurker:

The list has improved tremendously during the last year. I think the mix
between debate on current political issues like Yugoslavia, and the more
essay-like contributions of, say Louis Proyect when he is sober and
serious, are perfect for this media. I do not beleive in this list as an
"activist-list", since we belong to different environments, politically,
geographically and socially. It is a place for meeting and discussing, not
for forming strategies and organisations. That has to be done elesewhere.
Academica has its place here even though I personally always skip "value"-
and "chaos"-posts.

I am very annoyed by the aggressive tone that mainly some north american
participants brings into the discussions. Like some impotent males bragging
about non-existing conquers and showing contempt for the ladies they in
reality fear, these heroes of no-movements-at-all tell others to keep
quiet, get off the list and even come up with actual physical threats. It
is boring and makes one as a reader feel embarressed on behalf of the
writers (I do however want to make an exception for Dumain generally and
Proyect at his best. It can be quiet funny, and if they can live with being
the clowns of the list, I sure can too!)

I, like some others on the list, was brought up politically in a
maoist-inspired movement. If someone feel bad about that, go vomit
somewhere else, flame me outside the list or - preferably - write some
serious piece about what is so annoying about it. Or better still --
concentrate on what a person is saying instead of what organisation he or
she is or were active in.


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