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Yurrii Columbo said:
<I'm from Italy and I'm curious to know more about UK because I have a little
sectarian friend in Glasgow that is militant of SWP and sometimes I read
something in english but I have no a clear idea about the "Empire">

Will Brown:
Well Yurii,  this is my own brief account and others
with other perspectives will tell different.

1) The left in the labour party has been smashed
and the labour party is now high in the
polls and looks likely to win an election.

2) The communist party has split into
traditional and euro wings. Both wingsa
have disintegrated and virtually dissapeared...
the largest fragments are 1000 strong at most.

3) Of the numerous trotskysit vanguards
the significant ones were:
the WRP that disintegrated into
many tiny feuding grouplets,
the SWP which has held its membership
but whose future started this thread,
Militant which split in the late 80's
and the largest portion started
running candidates against labour.
Militatnt have local strength
(Glasgow, Coventry) but are
nothing like as strong as they were
in the early 80's.

4)The unions are under constant attack
but basic organisation is still there.

5)There have been a number of small
groups, mainly discussion groups
that have emerged from the ashes.
They vary but most include people
that have been through one or more
of the vanguard groups. These
discussion groups often include
anarchists,trots,maoists, lenninists
in mixed proportions. The
bristol Marxist Forum is one such
of which I'm convenor. We are
part of a loose national grouping
called the Revolutionary Socialist Network.
Open Polemic is a magazine that publishes
stuff from all revolutionary groups
(including the excellent Paul Cockshott)
and Red Action...a very proletarian
grouping in London. New Interventions
which was edited by the late Ken Tarbuck
also provided an important non-sectarian
space for marxist discussion and
people from a number of different
backgrounds contributed.

There are also a number of
radical cultural/political
movements with anarchist
and libertarian roots and punk
roots. These include hunts saboteurs,
anti car and anti road activists
and animal rights militants.

I hope this is of some use.

All the best

will brown   bristol   england

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