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Thu Aug 31 07:31:40 MDT 1995


>My argument is with "vanguardists", not with eclectic formations like "Red
>Action". The only thing I would suggest is that you come up with a less
>immature, ultraleft name for the group. This sort of thing went out of
>style around the same time bell-bottom jeans did.


I think Louis should apply some chaos influenced dialectics to the question
of names. Seriously. (Some may recognize what one cyberfriend has called my
*dialectic* of poking heavy-handed fun at overly obscure or scholastic
threads - but I'm not I'm serious) Names like Red Action play a particular
role in particular time, place and circumstance. Red Action might indeed
seem ultra in the staid '80's and early '90's of Thatcherism and Reaganism.
After the unrelenting anti-communist attacks of the 80's and 90's the use of
'Red' and the like takes on new significance. All that time, really since
the 1950's, the red menace, the red terror has been identified with attacks
on the status quo and on the system. Now that vastly increasing numbers of
working class people are disillusioned with the system, angry at the status
quo - who you gonna call. Are people angry enough to see red - i think so.
Certainly the applicability of names is not a straight line affair, but as
one zooms out from name fractals one can see a bigger symmetry of Red.

Also Lenin once correctly (IMO) noted that ultra left was far more likely to
become effective professional revolutionary than rightist. Extolled the
youthful energy and enthusiasim of it all.

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