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Thu Aug 31 08:10:51 MDT 1995

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> I think Louis should apply some chaos influenced dialectics to the question
> of names. Seriously. (Some may recognize what one cyberfriend has called my
> *dialectic* of poking heavy-handed fun at overly obscure or scholastic
> threads - but I'm not I'm serious) Names like Red Action play a particular
> role in particular time, place and circumstance. Red Action might indeed
> seem ultra in the staid '80's and early '90's of Thatcherism and Reaganism.

In post #3 I'm going to take up exactly these types of questions: using
symbols from somebody else's revolution (red flag, hammer-and-sickle,
Communist Party, etc.) Basically revolutionaries have to learn to speak
to the people in their own language. This is what makes the July 26th
Movement, Sandinista Front, Farabundo Marti Liberation Front, African
National Congress so interesting. They grew out of the national
experiences of each nation. One of the major problems for "vanguardist"
formations like the CPUSA and the SWP is that they drape themselves in
the colors of the 1917 Russian Revolution. The SWP, which was always a
sect, has made much more flagrant errors in this direction. The type of
broad-based Socialist Party we need will have to be able to speak to the
American people the way Eugene V. Debs did: with the accent of the
corn-belt and the vocabulary of the truckdriver.

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