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At 8:24 PM 8/30/95, Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

>Doug's right.  Adolf did in factrave about those Jewish merchant bankers.
>And one cannot easily schism finance away from industrial capital.  (But
>add the third term of the state, nowadays; equally necessary, inseparable)
>        So this would be a question for research: how thorough-going is
>this hatred?  Could it become an easy gloss for fascism, or a more
>oppositional thing?  Add this to the earlier list.

That's why I think it's worth talking with these folks. Many of them are
just instinctively outraged and there are plenty of loons out there with
fairly simple renditions of their outrage. Obviously some are racist
fascist scum, but I have enough faith in humanity to believe that the
majority of humankind is better than that. There's a part of the left that
takes some masochistic pleasure in savoring how stupid and bigoted the
American white masses are.

Another point: the Nation of Islam holds the very same analysis of the Fed
and finance, down to the secret meetings and Jewish control from London,
held by the loony right. And, black nationalist booksellers on the streets
of New York sell racial theory lifted straight from Nazi theorists. The NOI
is looking more & more like a free-market private comprador police force -
in the literal sense, as they patrol apartment complexes.

Elswhere, Bryan wrote:

>        1) the old question of secession.  The current US state clearly
>fears secession - witness Waco, MOVE, etc.  I've long been an advocate of
>strategic splintering for cultural-economic development and more complex
>attacks on state capital.  Can the militias fit into this scheme?

The US has one of the most decentralized state structures in the First
World. Decentralization is one of the favored strategies of the ruling
class and their upper middle class friends - the suburbanization movement,
for example - creating new jurisdictions to insulate themselves from the
claims of the toiling masses and the reserve army. The central state was
*designed* by the Constitution-makers to be inefficient, to diffuse power,
and to disenfranchise the unpropertied. Is decentralization that radical in
this American context?

Finally, Rakesh - who, contrary to Bryan, is a serious guy and not a
fomenter of hatred - plays up the racist aspects of the militias. No doubt
lots of them are that way. But lots aren't, from what I hear. No one really
has a good social picture of the phenomenon. "The militias" is recklessly
used as shorthand for much broader phenomena - the Patriot movement (5
million, says Chip Berlet, opposed to 40,000 militia people), and
middle-class political alienation and restlessness (many many millions).
The hard core weekend warriors may be immune to argument, but the broader,
non-uniformed crowd may not be.

Read the stuff at <>. Tell me if it's essentially
racist or fascist. Read Nation of Islam propaganda. Tell me if it's
essentially racist or fascist.



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