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Even if Paul Cockshott is right
in his assertion that there is
cleavage between 'rentiers' and
real capitalists (presumably the
senior management), would you at
least agree that the globalisation of
productive capital with transnational
firms that have originated in
Japan, USA, Germany, UK and Korea
are employing fixed and variable
capital around the globe
in a hitherto unprecedented manner.


And wouldn't you agree that
while the UK was the hegemonic
power till 1918 and the USA from
1945, the ruling class cannot
afford to go to the competing
national economy mode of the 30's
which lead to a fall in world trade of
60% and the 2nd world war. So a new
hegemon is required which has to be
international capital. Which undermines the nation

The goal of the world ruling class is
to further the interests of international

Prevention of collapse of world banking system.
Prevention of trade war.
Prevention of global ecoogical catastrophe.
Prevention of socialism.
Prevention of war between major powers.

These goals are pursued through a
number of institutions, allof which
have become more important in the
last decade.

They include:  the World Bank, The IMF
The United Nations, G7, Nato, Gatt.

The weakness of the working class
internationally stems from the organisation
of capital on a global level while
workers are still organised nationally.

The political traditions of the working class
are based on the nation state whatever
the veneer of internationalism.
Social democracy is based upon
the idea of progressive reforms
through the state and the communists
were organised around a political tradition
that ultimately stood and fell on the
Soviet State.

The most dynamic progressive movements
in the last decade have been
specifically international...
the women's movement, the peace
movement and enviromentalism.

Only when class politics can be pursued
on an internation basis will it move forward.

Will brown  Bristol  England

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