Short History of the Japan Left (3)

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I got some supporters. I will continue this topic up to
current situation.
On the other hand, Japan Socialist Party was organized
immediately after the end of the war. Most of activists
and politicians of former proletarian parties gathered.
Rounou group joined this party after Hitoshi Yamakawa's
effort of founding a popular front had failed.
In rounou group, Itsurou Sakisaka(first translator of
Capital, proffessor at university of Kyushu) proposed
non-armed revolution strategy in 1946.
In 1949, JSP was split up. Left SP came to adopt a
marxist programme. In order to support the left SP
theoritically, Socialist Association(SA) was founded by
Rounou group. Roudou-daigaku (Labour college) was
also founded as the official school of the party.
In the first half of '50s, both SP showed a great advance
in mass support. In this sentiment, Dietmen/women of both
party wanted re-unification of JSP. They dreamt of taking
SA was against that because that it meant a collapse
of the new-born working class party. However, JSP unified
again in 1955. But this fact caused the unification of
consevative parties, founding LDP (Liberal Democratic
In the first half of '50s, inner split was also found in
JCP(Japan Communist Party). In 1955, JCP unified again.
But they received a strong shock by the Khurchichev report.
Some CP members turned to Trotzkism. Some CP members turned
to Maoism. However, they are tiny groups at the time.
1960 was another turning point. There occurred great mass
movements in the year; Miike strike and Anpo struggle.
Anpo is the short-term of Japan-US Security Pact.
I was 4 years old and my father took me to the demonstration.
I can clearly remember the heat.

to be continued....

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