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        Guillermo Cruces asked on Wed, 30 Aug 1995:

>Does anybody know a book from a russian author, Rubin, called
>"Marxist theory of value" or something similar? I think it
>was published in 1925/26, and I think the author was killed
>by Stalin.

        In addition to Jerry's answer:

        I. I. Rubin:
        Ocerki po teorii stoimosti Marksa
        (Essays on Marxist Theory of Value)
        1st edition Moscow 1924,
        3rd ed. Moscow 1928; this one was translated
        into American English (1972).
        A German translation has been published 1973.

        Another two articles by the same author:

        I. I. Rubin:
        Abstraktny trud i stoimost w sisteme Marksa,
        (Abstract Labour and Value in Marx' System)
        in: Pod Znamenem Marksizma, Moscow 1927, v. 6, p.88-119
        (Under the Flag of Marxism)

        I. I. Rubin, S.A. Bessonow et al.,
        Dialekticheskoe razvitie kategorii v ekonomicheskoi sisteme Marksa
        (Dialectical Development of Categories in Marx' Economical System)
        in: Problemi ekonomiki, 1929, v. 4/5, p. 203-238

        Both articles have been republished (translated into German):
        I. I. Rubin, S.A. Bessonow et al.,
        Dialektik der Kategorien. Debatte in der UdSSR (1927-1929)
        (Dialectic of Categories. A Discussion in the USSR [1927-1929]),
        West-Berlin 1975.

        This book also contains a critique of Rubin's interpretation of
Marx' Theory
        by Projekt Klassenanalyse ("Class-Analysis-Collective"):
        Zur Debatte ueber das System der Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie in der
        UdSSR (On the Discussion about the System of Critique of Political
        in the USSR).

>Does anybody think it's good/bad/great/obsolete/wrong?

        What's your standard? - Nevertheless, I hope this information is

        Hinrich Kuhls

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