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Thu Aug 31 12:11:16 MDT 1995

                On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Louis N. Proyect wrote:

                >I'm up here in the upper east side of manhattan nibbling on
arugula salad
and sipping Perrier every night, so I need information from the other
side of the tracks.<

	Arugula and veggies have been discussed widely (Bourdieu!). But what's with
Perrier or Evian, as Iwao Kitamura just asked? Let's take a look behind
Louis' secret about his mineral water: Are there some parallels? Sure, he is
not dyslexic at all, but ... ;-) ....:
	"Being dyslexic, I don't like to read. As a child I read train timetables
instead of classics, and delighted in making imaginary perfect connections
from one obscure town in Europe to another. This fascination gave me an
excellent grasp of European geography.

	"Thirty years later, as director of the MIT Media Lab, I found myself in
the middle of a heated national debate about the transfer of technology from
U.S. research universities to foreign companies. I was soon summoned to two
industry-government meetings, one in Florida and one in California.

	"At both meetings, EVIAN WATER was served in ONE-LITER GLASS BOTTLES.
Unlike most of the participants, I knew exactly where Evian was from my
timetables. Evian, France, is more than five hundred miles from the Atlantic
Ocean. Those heavy glass bottles had to traverse almost one-third of Europe,
cross the Atlantic, and, in the case of California, travel additional three
thousand miles.

	"So here we were discussing the protection of the American computer
industry and our electronic competitiveness, when we seemingly could not
even provide American water on an American conference." (Nicholas
Negroponte, Being digital, New York 1995: A.A. Knopf, p.3)

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