Marxism and the Militias

Kenneth Mostern kmostern at
Thu Aug 31 12:31:20 MDT 1995

>   I repeat: my position is one of encouraging class and all-around
> socialist hatred toward the Militia, not of trying to understand why people
> are attracted to it.
> Rakesh

I have not participated in the militia conversation, and have nothing
brilliant to add to it.  But I do think Rakesh has said something here
which we might consider as one of the major stress points on this list.
Some of us--no doubt especially those attracted to cultural
studies--might wonder what is wrong from the point of revolutionary
theory with "trying to understand why people are attracted" to the
militias.  Or, in my case, Farrkhan--if I speak of the speak forms of
caution that a white person should take in denouncing the man, based on a
careful analysis of the social causes of his popularity, I am accused of
harboring fascists.  I know and have always known that Farrakhan is a
fascist, and I claim I have a better idea of what it means to deal with
that fact in white supremacist contexts than those who think "Farrakhan
is a fascist" is the sum total of an analysis.  And I care deeply about
discussions of why people (especially white male proletarians) are
attracted to the militias.  We leftists might learn something for a change.

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