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On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Iwao Kitamura wrote:

> On Wed, 30 Aug 95 22:13:18 PDT Paul wrote:
> >The Goethe Institute is a pretty harmless body whose main
> >activity is to run low cost classes in German.
> >
> I have an experience of learning german at Goethe Institut
> in a small city of Southwest Germany.
> Most of my teachers there seemed green (Gruenen) or SPD
> supporters. They provided me a Tandem, who wanted to learn
> japanese from me and to teach me german. This elemenary
> school teacher was a member of SPD and took me to the local
> meeting of SPD on election campaign. A good experince.
> Goethe Institut ,in fact, belongs to the foreign ministry
> of Germany. There are many Aussiedler ( german origin peple
> come back from eastern countries) who learned german under
> economical assistence of the state. In this manner, this
> Institut can be described as a tool of german foreign
> policy.

	Well, I've already responded privately that since so many
progressives use the Goethe I., I'll just keep mum about my concerns --
but I don't really feel them put to rest either...

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