marxism on baseball?

Scott Solomon ss341 at
Thu Aug 31 13:26:03 MDT 1995

> Hey, Hans, did you run out of stuff on Mark Curtis already? Why don't you
> post some of your poetry from the "alt.trotsky" newsgroup. I'm sure it
> will impress the Marxists on the list. By the way, Scott, I would be very
> careful about baiting me too far or calling my office phone at work and
> leaving no message. This is the sort of thing that may persuade me to
> take a walk over to the Columbia Security Office.

Louis babe, that wasn't me who called!  It was probably that homeless
woman you thought you had a date with!  Remember . . . the one you
thought was an aristocrat 'cause she'd slept with Wynton Marsalis?

My fiancee almost bumped into you coming off an elevator the other day.
She was mad at me because, "I was scared."  That's a quote.

I'm not surprised that now you're a Mark Curtis fan, Lou.  But when you
came over you said you thought he was guilty, pal.  Don't change your
song due to bad static on MarxL.

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