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Louis Proyect, bless hiss heart, asked me to post my theoretical
masterpiece 'Ballad of the Workers League (Branch Davidians)' which I
wrote to honor the mediocrities of the ex-Healyite American Workers League.
For those of you who don't know, the WL is lead by the inimitable David
(Greene) North graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT (thus 'Branch
Davidians').  Trinity is ranked 24th among liberal arts colleges in the
US by 'US New & World Report', thus making him a 48th rate socialist from
a 24th rate college.

Dave has "organized" approximately -100 people to the cult/group in the
past 20 years of dedicated work.  He claims the 50 people left are the
greatest revolutionaries in the Western Hemisphere (but they have
problems raising a monthly fund that is less than what my fiancee can
pull in working summers at a Wall Street law firm).

My apologies to Terry Eagleton and his Ballad of English Literature found
at the back of _Against The Grain_.

The Ballad of the Workers League (Branch Davidians)

Dave is Jay Lovestone
Barry's lower middle class
Martynov loves to moan
Larry kisses Dave's ass

Jean is a fossil
Jerry's a thug
Leo's *was* an imbecile
Alden's a lug

Sheila's a harpy
Shannon's a Mooney
Ann does the scut
And Thea's just plain looney

D'Art's been duped
The same for Cory, Steve, and Helen
Esther's strung out
>From newspaper sellin'

Paul's a Sunday Socialist
Freddy can't organize
Tim's an opportunist
Vann loves Dave's lies

Merge with the Sparts
They're fucked up too
_Frieden is besser_
So Robertson screws?

Dave will lose his fiefdom
Who the hell cares?
Organize some workers
Lead a strike if you dare.

Reduce the pages of your paper
Take over a union
You've pimped millions off workers
Give something back to them

And here's another tip
Your art reviews suck
"David Walsh" high brow?
Yuck, yuck, yuck

Blame everything and everyone but yourselves
For the fact that you're small
Middle class fakes
Time to get on the ball

(___ at ______}}}   S C O T T    S O L O M O N

//// . . . He can shout for two hours on end at those trade union black-
mail sessions.  No one can make Leonce shut up . . . if anybody tries to
change a single word in one of his motions, he blows his top.  He can
shout louder than a colonel.  He's built like a brick shithouse.  He
can't be beat for hot air . . .  Cast iron.  That's him.  He's secretary
of the Bricklayers and Roofers' Union of Vanves La Revolte.  Elected no
less.  His buddies are proud of Leonce, the lazy pugnacious bastard.  For
pimping on the labor movement he hasn't his equal.

					-- Louis-Ferdinand Celine
					   _Mort a Credit_

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