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Hinrich Kuhls kls at unidui.uni-duisburg.de
Thu Aug 31 14:30:15 MDT 1995

                Jim Jaszewski asked some days ago:

>	Recently, Toronto's (and North America's) best progressive radio
>station, CIUT-FM 89.5, started taking spots from the Goethe Institute.
>	Could anyone in-the-know please comment on this??  I'd like to
>disabuse these people on this, but I'd like to be on more solid ground

                Don't panic! Canada has already been invaded by this
monster! Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver! - I would have trumpeted to him.

                Jim's preconceived idea of today:
>                Well, I've already responded privately that since so many
>progressives use the Goethe I., I'll just keep mum about my concerns --
>but I don't really feel them put to rest either...

                Have a look at their Website (http://www.goethe.de) before
you decide whether to take a sledgehammer to crack a nut or not. Or even
give them a linkkkk on your web-homepage?!?

                Hinrich Kuhls

                1st PS: And the moral of this story: Don't panic, ask the
                2nd PS: What are the spots about? Could be of interest over

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