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Thu Aug 31 14:18:47 MDT 1995

This discussion on the militias has served to point out that we need more
information regarding their ideology, aims, etc., a task made more
difficult by the wide diversity of these groups. The US militia movement
here in Minnesota (and I suspect most of the Midwest) is based mostly on
what I call "revisionist Constitutionalism". The militiamen consider
themselves the guardians of the *true* US Constitution, "correctly"
interpreting the intent of the Founding Fathers who drafted the document
back in the 1790's. The current US Federal government, in their view, is
not a legal one because it has failed to enforce this original intent:
limited Federal authority (and strong State and local autonomy);
inalienable individual rights to property, ownership of guns, etc. All of
this, by the way, under the "guidance and approval of God" (their words).
While these goals do not openly spouse racism or other forms of bigotry,
they also maintain that each state/community is thus entitled to craft
laws according to "local conditions" (exactly the same stance of the
Confederates during the US Civil War regarding slavery). They also apply
this same logic to economics: they oppose Federal and *State* regulation
(from taxes to the environment) on the economic development of their
communities. They believe in orthodox 'laisses-faire',the only regulation
being the "patriotic" and "Christian" values of capitalists. I would also
like to point out that most militia members up here are skilled
blue-collar workers (machinists, etc.,) professionals such as nurses,
police officers, lab technicians, computer programers, etc., small
business owners (Col. Olson, the leader of the Michigan militia, is an
ordained Baptist preacher and owns a gun store), and farmers (like the
Nichols brothers of the Oklahoma bombing). Their ideological appeal is
clear: they spouse "true American" values, wanting to "restore America"
and protect their way of life. The least they want is progressive
change!! They don't want to

replace the capitalist system; they feel that it has already being
changed by the "left" and they (the militia) are the ones that would turn
the clock back to the "good old days".

In my opinion this uncomplicated message is the most dangerous, since it
does not require much effort

to spread (most Americans, as we have seen, believe in "old fashioned
values") and appears non-threatening to the average white middle-class

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