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understood. Thanks for clearing things.

I don't know why, but first thing that came to my mind was Brigades.
Perhaps because they were in news every now and then when I was a
kid/youngster. Also, when it came to Italy, Brigades was a group that was
most usually mentioned when Italian left politics was under
consideration. (First time I really noticed Autonomia was with the German
translation of Toni Negri's "Wild Anomaly" (1982). By the way, I'm afraid
I really didn't understood what Negri was trying to do.) Still, I think
there's something exemplary with Brigades and RAF (Euro-groups that went
into armed struggle): as if they've lived in a nostalgic memory of
resistance and several crucial societal and political changes have
occurred without notice (I guess that's what happened to me when reading
about their brave deeds, 'spirit of resistance lives'); or was those
Argentinian Tupamaros, 'urban guerillas par excellance', the ultimate
example? I mean, from where they got the idea to use guns? In a situation
when media will immediately present them as buch of blood-thirsty
extremists, if not lunatics. There's not much popular support coming in
that situation? (Although that support side of problem was, I believe,
quite different in Italy than in Germany?) But now - "Genug" that
speculation, says JL, and puts 'Viaggiatore solitaria il meglio di
Alice' (only real love that lasts) on cd-player... and changes the

I think it's quite sad, that this question has emerged as necessary one
to pose - it isn't anymore a question of societal arguments, nor
political ones, but instead (first and foremost?) of joy, of something
concerning emotional/affectual... kind of 'are you all alright? do you
feel good?' dimension that have become a crucial (?) question of
organizing principle of politics. Well, I hope that it isn't the most
important political question, that there still is room for arguments in
an old-fashioned sense.

What reminds me of posting by Hinrich, who was asking (item 5) why
politico-theoretical debate (in Italy, Germany etc) have been ignored.
Well, you have written about some of those Italian debates and
experiences (extra-parliamentary left). But what about, for example,
Italian CP? Strong, powerful party - once. What could be the lessons from
their 'bancrupty'?

It seems that this new book by Michael Hardt is worth reading. It might
be time to learn Italian, too. I'm totally out of all that cuisine talk.
In 1986 album "Park Hotel" Alice had great opening song (well, there are
some other songs that are better 'compositions' such "Nomadi" but..),
"Viali di solitudine", something like 'Park avenues of solitude'. It
starts with several senses, smell, sight, and continues wondering: 'now,
also the autumn has ended / what an odor in the air / and from here I
can see a garden, behind a house / private paradise // Oh, what makes me
to stay at window, hour longs / looking at people / who are going to
park avenue... Terrific opening. Unforgettable, as they say.

Yours, Jukka Laari

PS: That Alice thing: we wondered once whether a song called "Nuvole
rosse" (Red clouds) had some dim references to 1970s. Obviously not. Yet
there is something in the atmosphere what makes me wondering.

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