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Thu Aug 31 17:21:30 MDT 1995


>	It's always been my stance that capitalist take-over of local
>teams and leagues is just further evidence of how Capitalism prostitutes
>every bit of culture it touches -- a real Midas Touch...
>	I've always wanted to see one of the planks of a communist party
>being the expropriation of `private' owners and re-institution of
>locally-run teams -- with _local_ players.  IOW, _your_ team is composed
>of people who grew up _with_ you (a novel concept...)


It's interesting to take a look at the Green Bay Packers in relation to the
privatization mania of the right. Green Bay is the only municipally owned
professional sports team in the US. Taxes are far lower in Green Bay than in
other cities of comparable size. Green Bay, flying in the face of
conventional capitalist thinking, is the smallest city to have an NFL
franchise in the country. GB has never "had" to hold-up the tax payers for
money for new stadiums etc, instead it contributes to city coffers. *AND*
much to my chagrin as a Bears fan, they are learning how to play football again.

But local teams - that will require socialism.

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