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On Aug 31,  3:27pm, jones/bhandari wrote:
> Subject: Re: militias, etc.
> Which led me think of all money which is being used to harrass so many very
> people in the search for the Una-bomber (isn't this the biggest FBI
> investigation ever?), while cross-burners, abortion clinic bombers, racist
> cops, anti-immigrant vigilantes and so many others are relatively ignored.
> The latter are responsible for much greater and more indiscriminate
> violence.  I wish those agents  would be devoted to trying to entrap racist
> cops who have terrorized many, many innocent people. But then again the
> people I know are much more likely to be harmed by the police than the
> anti-urban terrorist.  >

> By the way, what do people think about the Fuhrman tapes (which partially
> explains why I may be in my 'fomenting' mode)?  Will Militia and Patriot
> members or supporters be joining in the protests over racism among
> America's finest? Perhaps they'll be the last opponents of this sort of
> state authority?

I find this Fuhrman stuff all really amusing - of course not pleasantly
amusing.  It is quite remarkable that this incident is being referred to as a
"wake up" call for America.  Where have these people been till now???  Mark
Fuhrman as an aberration - I don't think so.  I recall a few years back the
Village Voice did an expose of the LAPD (as if the NYPD are any better) in
which the reporter anonymously interviewed four LAPD officers, now this was
shortly after the Gulf War and these officers were gleefully suggesting that
the LAPD should engage in "strategic" bombing of certain neighbourhoods in LA
- obviously those occupied by Blacks and Latinos - in much the same way that
the US forces "surgically" bombed Iraq.  I also find it interesting tat we
have all these judges and law enforcement officials expressing their outrage
about the content of the tapes - I can't be as certain about the US but I'm
sure the situation is the same if not worse than here in Canada wherein
judges, cops, RCMP, etc. are members of white supremist groups.  These folks
give a whole new meaning to law and order!!!!

  Fuhrman has bragged about everyone covering for him, and in the
> case here with the racist cops, the desire to barbecue was expressed
> publically over the radio system...without any opposition.
>Let's not forget the Rodney King incident - despite the fact that it was
videotaped and 27 cops watched it taking place, in their reports, they
claimed they didn't see anything and the reports themselves were filled with
inaccuracies, etc.  Now that's a "code of silence"!!!


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