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On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Hinrich Kuhls wrote:

> 5. Let me add another point: It looks like that quite a lot of members of
> this list only have *postmodernism* in mind when they refer to the European
> theoretical discourse of the last couple of decades - as far as
> non-English-speaking countries are concerned. But why is the
> political-theoretical debate of the left-socialists and Marxists f.e. in
> Italy, Germany etc. ignored? Well, we didn't get the results translated into
> English, but how do you estimate your efforts to get in touch with those
> parts of the international socialist, marxist left? Do we have to wait for
> translation-machines? Or do we have the capacities to organize and
> accelerate international discussions of the marxist left beyond barriers of
> language?

	We have a HUGE problem in the `anglo-american' world; there is a
petty parochialism that even affects the Left, whereby most people are
unilingual, and deep-down inside don't mind making other people learn OUR
language, in order to communicate...

	It's a result of imperialism -- after all; who won the `Empire
Wars', and who won WWI & WWII?

	I, for one, make it a matter of (my) policy to take what comes at
me -- in WHATEVER language (I was recently fascinated by a Euskara
newsgroup), and I always support posts in languages other than English
against the INEVITABLE stoopid and racist outrage at `not posting in
English like yer supposed to like it sez in the rules for the
Fidonet/Internet, yadda, yadda yadda...'

	For my part, I read/hear/speak Francais (mostly), read/hear
Espanol (sorta), and can get the gist of Italiano -- and I'm not averse to
learning Deutsche spraken (I even followed a TV Ontario German course
quite well, but it was mostly about how to count your change and get from
one wine festival to another..!)

	I think your `suggestion' should be taken MOST seriously by this
list: every member should become competent in at least ONE other European
language -- not to forget Nipponese and Chinese (Hindi?) -- in order to be
able to read our comrades' writings in their originals.

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