Post-Marxism without apologies?

Kenny Mostern kennym at
Wed Feb 1 09:27:34 MST 1995

> As a Marxist who spent some time in the academy, I take exception to this.
> And so might John Roemer, Jon Elster, Adam Pzrezworski, Erik Olin Wright,
> Andrew Levine, Elliot Sober, Rodney Peffer, Richard Schmitt, Milton Fisk,
> Harry Cleaver, David Scxhweickart, Alan Wood, Richard Boyd, Daniel Little,
> Alan Gilbert, Jeff Reimna, Terence Ball, James Farr, Richard Wolff,
> Stephen Resnick, Anwar Shaikh, and others I can see just looking over my
> bookshelf.

Sorry, you missed my point.  I know the work of about half of these
people; they're all contemporaries.  I can also name the work of
contemporaries.  The discussion, however, was of "post-ness"--which is to
say, a space from the past on which to build, which practically speaking
doesn't exist here.

As for your Laclau & Mouffe point--I don't have any stake in defending
them.  I do believe that, early in their careers, they demonstrated a
working knowledge of a variety of marxist issues, and that recently they
have found it easier to mischaracterize and deface marxism rather than do
any new or substantial intellectual work.

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