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 - Under the subject heading "real philosophy" - N. Boddhisatva has written
that the "greens" display a false consciousness, as they argue a politics
of only human-to-earth relations and do not deal sufficiently with
inter-human relations as Marxists do, and further, that the "green"
political philosophy will ultimately result in state-planned economies due
to the need to regulate workers. I'm sure that Murray Bookchin and other
eco-Anarchists would beg to differ, as would Winona LaDuke, Vandina Shiva
and other 1st nations environmental activists. That is, many radical
greens are fundamentally anti-statist and have considered the alternatives
to modern industrial modes of production to a greater degree than most
Marxists, who have been too accepting of both the state and industry as
reform-able institutions. This reliance on the state and industry is
probably a major reason for the failure of Marxism to be a liberatory
      Finally, the search for sustainable agriculture is about
improving human relations and the movement against environmental racism
as an aspect of colonialism is about human relations.

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