Unequal Exchange

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Wed Feb 1 17:06:33 MST 1995

		In response to  jones/bandari,

	Your point about petit bourgeoisie politics is well taken.  I ask you
to consider,however, that the situation Mattick is addressing is one of state
socialism and state monopoly capitalism.  I am addressing my concerns to
market socialism and markets which are plagued with monopolies and
oligopolies.  Certainly, teh above analysis is right on the money in its
political analysis, as evidenced clearly by present events.  My contention is
that the petit bougeoisie-led right is channeling negative energy to a
positive cause.

	A perusal of the "alt.fan.rush-limbaugh" bulletin board will shoe
that the neo-libertarian conservative movement has spawned emotions among its
proletarian devotees that are achingly close to socialist sentiment and
logic.  I was floored the other night to hear Seidman - the republican
apointee to the RTC who headed the Savings and Loan crisis of the 80's -
explain eloquently how the obscene Mexican bailout was a privatization of
profit and publicization of cost of this present debacle of financial excess.
It was then extremely interesting to hear a Republican governor of some
importance praise, on the same news program (McNeill/Lehrer) the presidents
plan as heartily as his Democratic colleagues, and in opposition to the
rhetoric of Seidman and the congressional republicans.  I turned to Alfonse
"Il Duce" D'amato's hearings on C-SPAN, to hear him and democratic California
senator Barbara Boxer arguing against the evil bailout in stereo, along the
same lines.  I was shocked to find myself ageeing heartily with EITHER

	There are many reasons why i may sometimes sound like a
Chicago-school devotee in a red suit, but among the most important is my
belief that the dialectic energy does now reside with the libertarian right.
It believe that one need only overcome the chauvinism engendered by cold war
red-baiting to turn that energy to our cause.

	My argument that market and all feasible socialism demands anti-trust
politics of a radical nature, remains, to my mind, intact.



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