boddhisatva foucault at
Wed Feb 1 17:17:27 MST 1995

		In response to Ms. Hill,

	You rightly point out that Greens are anti-statist and quite
revolutionary in their energy.  In painting them with the brush of state
socialists, i was perhaps over broad, and consciously provocative.
Nonetheless, the logic of the Greens, as Ms. Hill points out is anti
industrial.  I posit that this is anti-socialist to the extent that it denies
the dialectic force of economic need as primary.  That fact leads one to fear
that Greens will sacrifice dialectic change for a gran design of ecological
harmony.  Again I say, that if the green cause is to move with dialectics, it
must not deny the necessity for industry, but fight to put that industry into
the hands of those most subject to its unhealthy, and ecologically unsound
ramifications.  Otherwise I fear they will have only the energy of utopian



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