boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Thu Feb 2 01:13:10 MST 1995

		To whom...,

	The neo-libertarian right is certainly a frightening thing,
but populism is not.   Populists always use the poltics of power
relations to inspire their followers to empower themselves.  Marxism
is exactly this with an overwhelmingly crucial element added - the
replacement of an old order with an ABOLITION of existing power
relations.  I feel that feasible socialism necessarily includes
anarcho-syndicalist politics, because this is the only way to turn
popular hostility towards a positive end - our cause, socialism.

	I seems to me that many Marxists are too willing to sneer at
any liberal democratic ideology and rhetoric.  It seems we are so
intent on proving the rectitude of our analysis, that simple democracy
seems too indefinite an element to add to our rhetoric.  But socialism
is at its core radicalization of liberal capitalist ideals.  I have
talked so many Limbaughites into a socialist corner, that I can't
ignore the possibilities of harnessing that movement.  They seem, when
all is said and done, only to resent the idea that they hadn't thought
of it first.



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