Unequal Exchange: A Riposte

boddhisatva foucault at eden.rutgers.edu
Thu Feb 2 01:43:51 MST 1995

		To whom....,

	I would like to heartily applaud and echo Mr. Marshall's points about
crisis.  In pointing out the flaws in "objectivity" he makes not only a
political, but a theoretical point.

	Capitalists claim objectivity in their work.  I have read a very
cunning essay by Milton Freedman which points out that total, immediate
profit sharing by the masses would not result in much of a boon.  His numbers
and theory are excellent and hard to argue with, as far as they go.
Capitalist economists deal with a very static model of the economy.  Read
carefully, they can be seen to nod to expansion by saying only "well, then
this will naturally happen", but offering no analysis of the dynamics of
expansion, save the old supply side saw, which really comes down to noblesse

	The static models deal with crisis simply by saying "well people will
have to innovate.  They make no mention of the suffering inherent, because
they would have to deal with the fact that the maintaining of profit is a
strangler of expansion.  Look at the word for the hero of capitalism -
entrepreneur.  In their own definitions they reveal that capitalist expansion
is controlled by those who would put themselves between innovation and
capital growth.

	Marxists are, and therefore can and should be the heralds of
expansion.  WE can show the working man that not only is he being taken (I
have had the same experience of watching the look of realization when the
concept of surplus value dawns on an ingenue), he is being robbed of his
inspiration, and his ability, to do more and make his own life better.  In
our explaining Marxism to the masses, we must not only be provocative, but
inspirational.  We should be able, and are able, to tell them that not only
can they get more out of the capitalist model, but they can break the mold
and surpass capitalism's vitality, making it their own all the while.

	We have to convince people that they cannot sit back and hope to
become ENTREpreneurs, by playing the capitalist game, or simply organizing to
take more of the profit, but that they should be PRENEURS who put in place
their own destiny.



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