Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU
Thu Feb 2 21:32:46 MST 1995

Dear Joseph,

Welcome to the list.

Re your dissertation: one reference you might find interesting is
Ken Buckley's piece in the collection of readings _The political
economy of Australian Capitalism_, (whoops-- title actually begins
_Essays in ...) Vol 1, ANZ Book Co, 1975. Since our capitalist
system was a "transplant", it should have some similarities to
the New England case you are interested in.

If you can't find it in your library, send me your snail mail
address and I'll send you a photocopy.

Incidentally, on another front I've had occasion to re-read Marx's
main discussion on the feudalism-capitalism transition, pp. 471-
514 of the _Grundrisse_ (also published as _Pre-capitalist
Economic Formations_). I presume that's on your reading list?

Steve Keen
steve.keen at


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