Rebecca Hill hillx018 at
Thu Feb 2 23:53:24 MST 1995

  In the spirit of renewed good faith, I've decided to finally post an
intro to this list, which I joined up on this summer. My name's Rebecca
Hill....I'm a graduate student at the University of Minnesota in American
Studies/Women's Studies, and an activist in various groups. I recently
stopped identifying myself as a Marxist, but continue to be interested in
Marx's theories to the degree that they illuminate class relations in the
United States. I study the history of the American left and am particularly
interested in discussing Marxist activism and activists. I'm always curious
to hear discussion about autonomous Marxism, anti-statist forms of
Communism, and other anti-authoritarian treats. I'm fascinated by the
various "questions" - the woman question, the nationalities question, etc.
I'm also interested in Marxist aesthetic theory and Marxist aesthetics'
role in actual political movements that have existed in the past or

Rebecca Hill
U. of Minnesota, LnR fed


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